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Feel Good, inc. January 23, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in music.

My heart is beating happier now that I finally used my christmas gift cards and purchased Gorillaz: Demon DaysGorillaz

I could listen to “Dare” repeatedly as I am prone to going off on musical jags, listening to a recording over and over until I achieve a zen-like state of oneness with the music. Infamous houseboy Shaun Ryder’s guest vocals is a great counterpoint. I may be back in love with Brit music. Yeh, I really wanted to be a musician once … hmmm, love of music, talent in art …

What gets me about Gorillaz is their unique status as a virtual band which has incredible possibilities! They “performed live” in 3D at the Euromtv awards! There’s just enough quirkiness to make their decidedly post-modern nocturnal flavor pallatable to me.
The musician behind it all, Blur’s Damon Albarn, and artist Jaime Hewlett discuss what makes Gorillaz more “real” than a lot of the media gimics that act like actual humans!

Class this week will begin in earnest some real 3D animation! Very excited!

Soon I hope to display some of the latest work I’ve been doing in 3D, but until the new website gets finished, there is the old one with the old work: http://home.earthlink.net/~gadzookys/

oh, I also got Nicklecreek’s latest (NOT nickleBACK), and a DVD of Neil Young’s Rust Never Sleeps! eewDoggie!



1. Dio - January 23, 2006

Hey Greg – Welcome to blog world 🙂

Have you seen the video for Dare – its quite strange, it has a big pudding head (Mr Ryder’s) large in a room run by the animated character. Very strange looking. 🙂

I read somewhere the song was to be called Its There, but Shaun couldn’t say it so they went with Dare. I like their videos a lot, but I’m not a massive fan of the music.

2. whatacharacter - January 23, 2006

Oi Dio! Thanks for the visit! The video is incredible and its visual weight cements my current obsession with the song. I confess I dance around like Noodle does in it … hopefully that’s not a traumatic mental picture for you. 😉 I really had my suspicions about the title, and you sir have helped validate that hunch! … and some songs stand out better than others. Do you like Blur better?

Now if I can just figure out if it’s possible to embed my technorati script in this blog (free hosted, my isp doesnt support MySQL at the present rate), I’ll be doing fine! Any idea?

3. Dio - January 23, 2006

Sorry Greg – I know zip about WordPress – I stick with blogger because they hide all the back end from you. 🙂 There must be a template file somewhere you can add the HTML?

As for blur, some of it I like a lot whilst other stuff I’m not really impressed at all by. I go for their more indie sounding stuff than the poppy stuff. That whole Brit Pop country house stuff doesn’t do it for me at all.

4. Brooke - September 5, 2006

Have you seen the Gorillaz appearance on MTV Cribs? The whole thing is, of course, animated and, even better, a big mockery of MTV Cribs itself. Quite satisfying, especially when you’ve seen enough MTV Cribs to want to kick in the teeth of most celebrities who appear on it, and as such can appreciate how apt the Gorillaz parody is. Well done indeed.

5. Brooke - September 5, 2006

I just read the Wired interview. Excellent. Thanks for sharing. The Gorillaz are one of my favorites in the ‘intelligent’ musicians/artists category. In the pure ‘music’ category, it entirely depends on the song. Same goes for Blur. Some songs are in the top 100, others don’t even qualify. In the ‘creativity/originality’ category, Gorillaz are high on the list. They certainly make some of the best music videos ever. I also like the fact that it is as much an artistic as musical project. It’s not a band who hires an artist to make their videos and create a ‘brand’ for them; the artist is an integral member of the band.

6. greg - September 5, 2006

Gorillaz Cribs would be an event I’d certainly like to see!

It’s very cool you see, hear, and appreciate! It’s a boost to be aware of something so original. I wonder what’s next? I hope I’m a part of it!

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