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Character Development January 22, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in 3D.

In the Art/Heart sector of life, I’m quite busy trying to keep up with my two Game Animation Certificate classes, at the University of Washington, also teaching myself Cascading Style Sheets and redesigning my web portfolio, revamping resume, plus looking for work or internships, and running a household … and trying to learn more about the world of Blogs.

After searching around for some 3D artist blogs I discovered that Blogspot offers image storage which last year has created a huge growth in artist and animator blogs. Read it here (9/1 post). I just may have to sign up and become a “multiblogger.” Deviant Art is another site I was considering, which offers artists and illustrators a place to show their stuff, but it could be that Blogspot is still a more convenient way to do it.

My mind is a bit woozy from all the above but finally after $4 in library fines, I finished reading Tony Caputo’s Visual Storytelling: The Art and Technique, which took a fantastic visual approach to explaining the ways of storytelling in the various media of film/video, animation, interactive, games, and comics.

Also reading for nerdy fun “The Last Knight“ by the late historian Norman Cantor – a look into the world of late medieval society. I learn that as the troubadour movement spread by muslim and jewish influences from 13th Cent. Spain to Aquitaine, 3 important legendary sagas shape society’s Feudalistic outlook: Alexander the Great, King Arthur, and Charlemagne. All great tales for sure.

Body-wise, soon to go to a friend’s to watched the Seattle Seahawks vie for the NFC championship and their first trip to the Super Bowl. I’m no huge sports fan (where are my Supersonics?), but this is for civic pride. Well, they won, and aren't we excited!? Top the Superbowl for the first time since even before Jesus was born! 😀



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