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heART, mind, body January 21, 2006

Posted by whatacharacter in Art, just my blogs, life, mind.

As the lofty name might indicate, I’d hope to occasionally blog blathers concerning art and new media art, especially 3D art and animation, and its connection with my personal progress of schooling and job search. In addition, I’ll post blog-worthy thoughts, events, and updates of my physical being, as I get off the couch and begin yet another new career. Hopefully this time I have focus.

Even now I’ve painfully divorced myself from my “wretched muse” of painting and her lofty aspirations and capricious inspirational antics. This Fall I began a new relationship with the younger vivacious commercial world of 3D art, animation and video game production. I can’t decide if it’s brazenly shacking up, or just finally settling down and getting my shit together. So far this muse has put up with my lack of employment 😉
I must admit I have mixed feelings about this Blogging stuff. On one hand I’d probably be a natural at it, having delved into the relatively anonymous world of forums participation for years, but this more naked world of blogging seems kinda crazy, self-indulgent (present blogging company excepted), and time consuming. As a family guy, I doubt I’ll get into some of the more probing introspections of the single blogger, but believe me I could be tempted … there’s fewer life issues more in my face than having a wife and kids! However I would be loathe to air ALL my dirty laundry before friends and family, and well, strangers too I guess … but it all could be apparent by reading between the lines to gauge my current sanity level!

I’m the oldest blogger that I literally know, and I think the only one of my group of friends & family to get beyond email. I’d encourage anyone I invite or who stumbles across here, to please post a comment at least once. I’d be encouraged by your participation.

Thanks to all the bloggers out there whose posts I have enjoyed. Here’s your payback!



1. Elise - January 21, 2006

The new blog looks great Greg, and blogging know no age…just remember you can divulge as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable. My older co-worker thinks I’m insane to write so much personal info online but I think it’s fun and harmless and if it seems self-indulgent, well that’s the joy of having a blog to begin with!

btw, the link I added to my blog roll says “what a character” would you like it to read hear mind body, or your full name? let me know and I can change it for ya! thanks for the link!

2. greg - January 21, 2006

crap! my first comment!!! 😮 *goes AFK to breathe into a paper bag*

Thanks Elise! It’s great to see you stop on over … as for the name, why don’t you just pick one that suits your opinion of this place!? This will be different from my “professional” portfolio place I am designing now over at Hobbitdance.com

Now as for *your* name, I’m wondering if, since me bonnie bride shares same, there might be confusion from people I know in rl, as to your identity!!! Could you spell out your whole name perhaps? Shoot, I hate to cramp your style or anything …

You have the bestest blog ever, and have set the pole pretty high. I can only hope to hop high enough to get off the ground! 😉

3. The Elusive Andrew Hume - January 24, 2006

Dude, I think i”m older than you are and I’ve got a blog. Problem with it is I have nothing much to say, so it’s seen a few posts a year in the last few years and when I look at most of them I feel a bit pathetic even thinking that what I posted was worth anyone else reading. The most fun I’ve had with blogging is posting cat pictures and photos of abandoned buildings to specific groups on LiveJournal. Like they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Anyway, it’s nice to see you having a go at it. In the last decade I’ve seen a few people refcosu themselves to new goals with great success. One was a brother in law who seemed woefully unemployed and buying way more expensive PC gear than I could justify buying, who had a dream of doing 3rd graphics modeling. No one seemed to believe he’d make anything of it and he proved he was capable and landed a job in the field.

4. greg - January 24, 2006

Hey Mal! That’s right, I remember you did have a blog, but wasn’t it relate to Oggz? Well … the world would be a colder place without some nice cat photos. Y’know I’m still finding you all over the web when I look for family stuff – so what’s your blog and should I offer a link to it? And when are you gonna get your uncle to reveal his sources for Andrew Hume (BTW I got a nice christmas card from him)? My self-esteem is affected still after 300 years, worrying if we are legit, or descend from bastards … magnificent bastards tho’ they may be 😉

So where does this bro-in-law work and can he get me a job???
Good to hear from you!

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